Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Are Men and Women Equal in the Sexual Marketplace?

This blog might get more active soon, and take a turn towards some of the aspects of culture that make up economic growth.

Sometimes some subject matters don't need much articulation. For example, the picture below was put up on Google Plus page earlier today at 00:55 by a fashion website. I will make my point at the end of this article.

Firstly, don't get me wrong. This is a very attractive girl, with the kind of natural good looks that most guys like, rather than the shout in-your-face attitude of what Hollywood and MTV seems to think we like.

However, does the posting of a fashion pic really deserve this kind of response????

 source: chictopia, its been shared publicly

(I've taken out the surnames)

1:09 Ian throws open the first gambit "she is cute"

1:15 Godfrey, who plays more of a laconic alpha game, follows up with "cute"

1:53 David has a more sneaky beta game going on "she looks amazing. you out did yourself oh the outfit. she is a beautiful model. top class. David"  craftily using plausible deniability there, because he's only in it for the fashion, you see? He leaves his name anyway

2:06 The latin lover Marvin plays his hand "muy linda"

2:22 Not to be outdone Pastore chimes in "Q bella princesa"

2:48 Shittu (I did not make that name up) goes down the route that David took earlier "I kinda like it, cuz it looks luvly on her"

3:48 JEREMIAH busts in. This guy is pure alpha. Large and in charge. "YOU RE SO BEAUTIFUL.
 IF I CAN GET YOU AS WIFE,THIS COULD BE MY GREATEST ARCHIVEMENT."  Someone will need call a  McWhirter, although why does he want 'archive' her??

7:38 Olawale has had enough of the old timers, he's going to connect wif yoof lingo. "Beautiful pix. U r gr8"

11:04 Your hero points out "Beta orbiters"

11: 54 Ali adopts a teasing seductive style, that invites yet ambiguously rejects the target "nice"

12: 22 Hassan decides to jump in and trump Ali's laic approach "Really you are so beautiful"

12: 38 Amin refines this approach, thus brushing Ali and Hassan aside with ease "Very quiet nice and beautiful"

14:47 Louis tries some cheeky chappy game, "this looks cozy and warm :)"

20:23 Alex just piles in there "Hallo girl how are you?"

2:19 Andrez concludes that she can't speak English "Hola bebe"

9:10 Addagoori unleashes his finest beta game "Really very beautiful"

9:53 Chandana gets all emotional "So sweet"

 And the moral of the story is this. The next time a feminist idiot tries to convince you that men and women are equal, and possess the same sexual drives and desires, and therefore the same value in the sexual marketplace, then you should do the following. 

Show them this post and ask them to find a comparable one whereby a fashion mag puts up a pic of a male model wearing a jumper and slacks, and then gets these kind of messages from women.