Saturday, December 29, 2012

UK Government's Share of GDP

Ever wondered what the UK Government share of GDP spending was?

Well here it is.

And it doesn't make pretty reading. The truth is that New Labour managed to orchestrate the double whammy of increasing social tension at the same time as increasing public spending. In addition I would argue that- in many cases- the latter engenders the former.

It is a sad state of affairs when the argument is always framed to the contrary. In other words that there is a natural 'trade-off' between increasing social cohesion by spending more public money and vice versa.

It strikes me that it's time for the Left to start discussing public spending proposals that are not propelled by an ideological conviction that more spending equates to a better society or that it can equalise income disaparity by doing it. No one tried harder- or with a greater sense of moral purpose- than Gordon Brown and look at the result?

It's also time for the Right to stop pretending that we live in a meritocracy and that public spending is some sort of cancer that its more privilieged members can find a way to avoid. All economies need public spending but it isn't to be viewed as a bone to try and placate the masses or as part of some middle class racket.

The result of continuing this nonsense is a disparate society in which a welfare state dependency culture is created alongside a detached uber wealthy enjoying the fruits of their 'meritocratically' earned work.

The greatest case for capitalism is that it creates real opportunities for social mobility and the advancement of civilisation. It's time to remember this.

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