Sunday, March 4, 2012

Self Selective Feticide

An amazing article linked here on the practice of aborting baby girls and how it is and will affect demographics and gender relationships in future.

This is one macro indicator that China and India will not be particularly proud in leading. Their ratios are astonishing. Although, South Korea provides some comfort thanks to its reversal of trend.

An example of the sort of implication for the world is given in the quoted passage (page 15)...

'China's persistently elevated SRBs, for example, stand to transform it from a country where as of 2000 nearly all males (about 96%) had been married by their early 40s to one in which a quarter (23 percent) are projected to be never married as of 2040'

The social implications of this sort of event are significant, particularly in countries like India and China which are still likely to have large amounts of poor people. A population with lots of young unemployed men struggling to even satiate their feelings of inadaquecies by generating self confidence by sexual conquest, is indeed a recipe for trouble.

Of particular note is that Islam does not prohibit abortion. Moreover, the rates of boys/girls in emerging markets is being somewhat replicated in certain. ethnic communities living in the West.

The link is well worth a read.


Eberstadt, Nicholas  'The Global War Against Baby Girls' in The New Atlantis Fall 2011

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